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APS Medication Carts
Designed to work with today’s multidose or single dose automated packaging systems, ECS medication carts for long term care provide nursing and pharmacy with cost effective, practical medication cart solutions.
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Punch Card Medication Carts
For long term care facilities employing multiday punch cards for regular meds or PRNs, ECS medication carts offer superior storage, durability and accessories at a reasonable cost for pharmacy providers and extended care facilities.
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Point of Care Solutions
Implementing technology in a long term care environment requires multiple platforms for hardware. ECS offers a wide variety of Point of Care solutions that can fit any facility’s needs.
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Treatment Cart
Durable, economical and practical, the treatment cart is designed to support nursing care in any type of long term care environment.
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ECS Accessories Brochure
Antimicrobial Drawer Pulls
Optional antimicrobial drawer pulls made from CuVerro® EPA registered Antimicrobial Copper Alloys.
Laptop Arm
Adjustable to fit most laptop computers, this arm provides strength, range of motion, and adjustability to assist nurses as they implement eMAR and other technology solutions. Arm mounts on right rear of cart.
Pull Out Work Surface
There’s never too much work surface on a medication cart, so all ECS carts offer a large, sturdy work surface to enhance the space available for medications, technology and preparation.
Standard on all medication carts.
Drawer Divider System
Full extension drawers provide plenty of space for medication and supply storage, while flexible, sturdy drawer dividers give nurses the ability to customize their storage space and make their carts as efficient as possible.
Narcotic Storage
Double lock security, a spring loaded lid that will not suddenly close on fingers, and plenty of capacity means every ECS cart has a secure, practical way to manage controlled substances.
Side Mounted Accessory Panel
Mounting of accessories has never been easier with the side mounted accessory panel. Facilities can easily manage the task of adding, moving or removing accessories such as sharps containers, waste bins, glove boxes, etc. Mounts to left or right side of medication carts.
Sharps Container
A wide variety of sharps or biohazard containers can be mounted to ECS medication carts for safe access and ease of use. Sharps containers can be mounted to the side accessory panel (ordered separately) or directly mounted to the medication cart.
Side-mounted Tilt Bin
Easily accessible and visible, these side-mounted tilt bins can be used for a wide variety of supplies, giving nursing even greater options for clean, organized storage.
Waste Container
A large, covered waste container is standard on all ECS medication carts. Conveniently, it uses a standard kitchen-size garbage bag.
Standard on all carts.
Accessory Storage Bin
Perfect for a water or juice pitcher, medication cups, straws, spoons, or any other item that nurses need close to the work surface.
Glove Box Holder (Wire)
Made from coated wire, this holder can provide side-mounted storage for a single, standard sized glove box.