Automated Packaging Systems (APS) Medication Carts
As pharmacies and long term care facilities realize the benefits of automated packaging technology for medications, medication carts need to keep pace. ECS offers three sizes of medication carts for APS, supporting multidose or single dose, barcode technology, and eMAR software for the most demanding long term care environments.
ECS 2000.aps Medication Cart
Ideal for handling 20-30 residents, the ECS 2000.aps is a single-sided medication cart made from lightweight aluminum and features full extension slides, efficient drawer divider systems to organize space, a pull out writing shelf, and other nurse-friendly accessories. As with all ECS medication carts, the ECS 2000.aps easily integrates mobile computing and bar code technology to help implement eMAR systems.
ECS Medication Cart Brochure
ECS 3000.aps Medication Cart
For facilities requiring as many as 50 residents per medication cart, the ECS 3000.aps provides ample storage for automated packaging, PRN Punch cards, as well as bulk liquids and supplies. Featuring lightweight, aluminum construction with full extension slides, the cart includes a pull out work surface for added space and is fully compatible with technology hardware such as laptops, tablets, and all in one computers. Available in two models for maximum flexibility.
ECS Medication Cart Brochure
ECS 3200.aps Medication Cart
Providing exceptional storage for both regularly scheduled medications, narcotics, and liquids, the ECS 3200.aps is able to handle up to 50 or more residents with ease. Its lightweight aluminum construction, full extension slides, and variety of nurse-friendly options will ensure years of use. It also easily integrates technology to improve nursing care and enhance medication compliance.
ECS Medication Cart Brochure
From medication cup holders to narcotic boxes to laptop arms, ECS has all the accessories nursing and pharmacy need to make each medication cart an efficient and ergonomic workstation. As needs change, accessories can be easily added, moved or modified to ensure years of practical use.
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